Current Live Websites I've Designed

This page is still being developed. For now, go directly to the following live websites to view examples of my website design in action:

Crystal Kini Designs: My most developed and full-featured website, includes the Cubecart shopping cart program with a VERY customized template/skin that was developed specifically to match the website's pre-existing design. Other features include Drop-Down menus, image slideshows and galleries, and YouTube video integration. Note that the homepage slideshow is done without Flash so it is much more search-engine friendly than similar features designed with Flash.

Quiltmasters: One of my earlier website designs using valid HTML and CSS for styling. This site demonstrates a "fixed-width" design (ie. the content does not expand to fill the entire browser window).

Barefoot Hikers of PA (NJ-DE-MD): A personal favorite of mine, I updated this site about a year ago to be more up-to-date with standards, coding-wise, and to give it a fresh look. One noteworthy feature is the inclusion of a simple but effective form to allow people to sign up online to join the group mailing list. I also incorporated Paypal "Buy Now" buttons....a great free tool if you want to sell a limited number of products now and then and have a Paypal account.

The Barefoot Tutor: Another personal site, this is a recent re-design of an older site using 100% W3C-validated code. This website uses a "fluid" design in which the page contents flow to fill the entire available browser window. This site incorporates a Request form and a custom Google Map designating my travel area.

Four Creeks Bed and Breakfast: This is the beginning design of a website for a new bed and breakfast in the Erie, PA, area. Due to budget constraints, the rest of the site has yet to be developed. However, this is a good example of a site that was developed in accordance with pre-existing promotional materials (graphics, logo artwork, brochures and business cards).