Services Offered:

Website Design:

Custom-created websites designed for your needs and your budget. From a single informational webpage to a full-featured e-commerce website, I can help you create a great website at an affordable price. See my "Design Techniques" page for an overview of the various coding languages I use (from HTML and CSS to AJAX) for an easy-to-understand non-techie guide to what all those crazy acronyms mean to the functionality and succcess of your website. I also have considerable experience designing custom graphics in Photoshop, PhotoDraw and Macromedia Fireworks if you need custom graphics, logos, and artwork for your website.

E-Commerce: Sell your products and services online.

I have over 6 years experience with the versatile and scale-able Shopsite E-Commerce platform. Shopsite is a full-featured, template-driven online shopping software package with a wealth of popular features and third-party add-ons at an reasonable price for your small business. Shopsite allows sales, coupons, support for multiple shipping structures, downloadable products and much more. The back office of the program is easy to use and understand so you can manage your own website and add products. I can design custom Shopsite templates to give your site the personalized look and feel that you want. I can also provide tutoring and assistance so you can manage the site, processing orders and adding new products, yourself.

Cubecart offers another great online shopping cart option. Available in both a versatile free version and a more fully-featured but very affordable pay version, Cubecart is based on the PHP/SQL programming languages and hence extremely customizable. I have experience setting up Cubecart stores AND designing custom Cubecart templates to give your store a personalized look and feel.

I'm also experienced with Shopping Feeds like Froogle (GoogleBase), Bizrate/Shopzilla and others to ensure your product gets maximum exposure in the growing online shopping search field. These websites allow shoppers to search products and comparison shop from one convenient website. I can help you create feeds (specially formatted documents, like spreadsheets or database files, for upload) for these various websites to ensure that your products get maximum exposure.

E-mail marketing is also a powerful online marketing tool. I have experience designing effective e-mail marketing campaigns that provide an excellent Return on Investment (ROI), using either the Constant Contact platform or a variety of other free and low-cost mailing solutions. I'll also help you to design relevant, targeted e-mails for your opted-in subscribers and help you ensure that your mails are in complete compliance with anti-SPAM regulations and, therefore, highly deliverable to their intended recipients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

There is no magical key to getting great search rankings. Some firms offer SEO services which use tricks to elevate your ranking. However, many of these artificial techniques can eventually cause your ranking to drop or cause your site to be remove from search listings altogether. Providing relevant content that appeals to the needs of your site's visitors in a clean, concise manner is the best way to ensure your site is consistently featured by search engines in your keyword area. I strive in every site I design to use search engine friendly coding, including descriptive meta-tags, keyword rich header tags, descriptive file names and image descriptions. I'll work with you to develop useful content rich in the keywords that are important to your website. I'm also familiar with the Google Webmaster tools which help to analyze site performance and allow further site promotion and optimization opportunities.

Search Marketing (SEM):

Alongside improving ranking in "natural" search engine result rankings, paid search advertising can be a useful tool for boosting traffic to your website, especially in the early days. I have experience with Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google Adwords, Shopzilla/Bizrate, and more.

Social Marketing (Web 2.0):

Did you know that blogs and other "user-generated content" are some of the primary ways to increase your exposure to your audience on the web? I can assist you in setting up profiles on popular social networking sites (like Facebook, Tribe, YouTube, mySpace, and more), help you set up an easy-to-maintain blog on your OWN website, and add features to make it easy for your site visitors to share your site with others (aka "viral marketing").

Website Maintenance, Website Updates, Website Re-Design:

Already have a website? Perhaps it needs more frequent updating while you focus on other responsibilities. Perhaps your website needs to be updated with a new look and up-to-date coding. I can help. I can help you to maintain or re-design your website as needed. Pricing on either a per-page or monthly basis.

Technology Tutor:

I have years of experience working on a variety of computer platforms, from MAC to Windows 95 through Vista, and countless programs--Microsoft Office, AOL, Quicken, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. Combined with my education as a teacher (and my other business as The Barefoot Tutor), I can provide you with helpful tutorials in a wide variety of computer basics. I can also assist with basic computer networking, security and troubleshooting. (Limited travel area--Feasterville-Trevose, PA and surrounding areas of Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties.) TIP: You don't NEED a whole Squad, one Geek is usually faster and less expensive.

I Can Also Help With the Following Website Essentials:

Domain Name Registration:

Your domain name is your "address" on the web--perhaps the single most important aspect to your online visibility. Domains are purchased yearly. I will help you with the process of purchasing a domain if you need assistance, but for your own security, I always insist that the owner of the website hold the domain name. This protects your important asset in the event of a "falling out" with your host or web designer. I usually recommend Lexiconn Internet Services for this process. Other domain registrars are slightly less expensive, but, after a scary experience where I almost lost my domains after the less-reputable registrar I had used disappeared, I prefer the service and reliability Lexiconn has provided me with for over 6 years.


Your domain name is your "address" on the web, but your web-hosting account is the actual "house." This is the server computer on which all the files on your site reside to be served/displayed to your site visitors. Web-hosting accounts are available from a wide variety of companies. Some companies, like Tripod, even offer free hosting, but these often come with intrusive advertising. For hosting of a basic informational site, I usually recommend HostGator. They offer an inexpensive monthly plan with plenty of disk space and bandwidth transfer, plus a great selection of account add-ons, from guestbooks and photo gallery software to free, open-source shopping-cart programs. However, if you need a full-fledged e-commerce website or even a site whose availability and functionality at all times are essential, Lexiconn Internet Services is my recommendation, as their service, site uptime and knowledge, particularly of the Shopsite e-commerce platform, are second to none.