About Barefoot Chris

Barefoot Chris in Key WestWeb Design and E-Commerce Experience

I've been designing websites for nearly 10 years now. My first designs were personal sites for my hobbies, particularly my Barefoot Hiking group, and my family. After taking a job at a small mail-order company 6 years ago and becoming the in-office computer "expert," I started designing webpages and weekly e-mails to complement the efforts of our graphic designer who is also responsible for the company's print catalogs. I've continued to expand the company's web presence in cooperation with our graphic designer.

I have developed websites for my wife's business ventures and my own. I have also been the webmaster for a quilting charity called Quilts for Kids, which provides handmade quilts made from recycled designer fabric for children in need, and handled the updating and maintenenance of that site for over 3 years.

In addition to designing and constructing webpages at the mail order company, I've been responsible for most of the day-to-day back-end operations of their busy e-commerce website. This has provided me with countless hours of hands-on experience with the Shopsite e-commerce platform. I'm also responsible for the administration of the company's search engine marketing with Yahoo! Search, Google Adwords, and Bizrate/Shopzilla, as well as e-mail marketing on a number of platforms, including the popular and cost-effective Constant Contact.

Background, Education, and Ongoing Learning

My college major was Elementary and Special Education. So, with training as a teacher, I can be an invaluable guide if you need computer help. However, my focus for the past decade or so has been in the realm of technology and the Internet. I spend a great deal of time online and pay careful attention to what makes a website appealing to me while surfing. When I see a unique or innovative feature, I'll take a look at the page's source code to see how it was done. I make every effort to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the world of websites and webpage design and coding. At every opportunity, I read magazines, books, and online tutorials on everything from the latest CSS coding techniques to news on planned changes in how Google displays their all-powerful search results. In addition to countless hours of personal education and hands-on experience, I have and will continue to develop my skills through technology coursework at local colleges.


I live in Bucks County, PA, with my lovely wife Crystal and our 2 children, Justin and Lily. Crystal is the owner and creative mind behind Crystal Kini Designs, a growing business providing unique and one-of-a-kind costume, jewelry, and accessories to bellydancers, and Quiltmasters, providing custom-made quilts. Both of Crystal's websites are among my web design projects. Justin is a typical teen and also quite a computer whiz, particularly in the area of gaming but with a growing flare for graphics, too. Lily is just entering school and is an energetic cutie (according to all accounts). In my limited free time, I am the founder and leader (and web designer) for the Barefoot Hikers of PA (NJ-DE-MD). I also enjoy surfing the web, and exploring the limits of human achievement, particularly as it relates to circus and sideshow performance.

Why "Barefoot"?

Well, simply, I go barefoot just about everywhere for reasons of health, comfort, and spirituality. Going barefoot is natural, comfortable, and healthy. For more thoughts on barefooting, check out The Society for Barefoot Living or my very own Barefoot Hikers of PA (NJ-DE-MD) website.